7 Stone Chakra Bracelet - Silver Edition

7 Stone Chakra Bracelet - Silver Edition

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Beautiful Natural Stone bracelet with the 7 Chakras for maintaining balance of energies:

7th- Crown 
6th- Third eye
5th- Throat
4th- Heart
3rd- Solar Plexus
2nd- Sacral
1st- Root

Chakras are the main energy centers of the body along the spine ending at the brain. Maintaining the balance of this free flowing energy is vital to prevent blocked energies which is said to lead to disease or mental illness. Understand the system of the 7 Chakras to keep a balance of the right amount of energies for your mind, body and spirit.  

Stone Type: Natural stone 
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Length: 6.7 inches (stretchable)
Bead Size: .3 inches
Weight: 20 grams

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